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Bobo-Dioulasso is the second largest city and the cultural capital of Burkina Faso. It is the flagship of African and Panafrican cinema in the heart of West Africa, yet this city with a population of 800,000 no longer has a single running movie theater today.

To overcome this, the Association de Soutien du Cinema au Burkina Faso launched a rescue plan to restore Bobo-Dioulasso’s mythical movie theater, Ciné Guimbi.

Over the past 24 months, an international support network has grown in favor of this project, particularly within the circles of Cinema and movie-lovers: from the FESPACO in Africa to the ZIFF in Zurich, Toronto’s TIFF and the Cannes Festival, over 40 international film festivals and countless movie theaters in the world have become committed to saving Ciné Guimbi.

Supporting the revival of Cine Guimbi is an act of faith for the survival of cinema today but will also contribute to the economic and social development of Burkina Faso.
Today we have reached the construction phase.
Approximately 55% of the budget has been covered. The opening date of Ciné Guimbi is set for the end of 2015.

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